Repair of Steel Columns, Piles and Poles with FRP

Repair of Steel Columns & Piles

Repair of Corrosion-Damaged Steel H-Piling in Bridge with FRP

Corroded steel H-Piles or pipes that may be filled with concrete can be repaired with PileMedic® laminates. In one of the first applications of PileMedic, some 50 steel bridge piling were retrofitted. This project involved 4 overpasses in a busy interchange (at the intersection of I-70 & I-270) in St. Louis, MO. Click here to watch a video of this project.

There are a couple of published papers that describe this project in full detail. Viewers are invited to click on the links below for these papers:

  • A Novel Solution for Restoration of Deteriorated Piles By Mo Ehsani, and Mark Croarkin, Modern Contractor Solutions, A two-part article published in June and July 2011 issues.
  • A Novel Solution for Restoration of Deteriorated Piles By Mo Ehsani, and Mark Croarkin, Government Engineering Magazine, March-April 2011
  • Repair of Steel Utility Poles

    PileMedic® laminates can also be used to repair steel poles in power electric substations. In one application for Tucson Electric Power (TEP) some 70 such steel poles were repaired. You can read a paper on this project that was published:
    Repair of Steel Columns with FRP Laminates , by M. Ehsani, M. Farahani, and E. Raatz, Structure Magazine, January 2012, pp. 35-37.

    Corroded Steel Utility Pole Repair with FRP

    Texas Department of Transportation has funded a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of PileMedic® laminates in repair of steel H-Piles. Large- and small-scale steel H-Piles are being tested at the University of Houston under this grant. A companion study also funded by Texas DOT is underway at Texas Tech University to examine the durability of PileMedic® jackets.